ROB Units (Gent): 09 369 42 36       ROB Units (Brussel) 02 223 43 07


How can you order?

You can order a unit by phone (09/369 42 36), fax (09/369 42 34) or e-mail. When ordering by phone, we ask to confirm your order by fax or e-mail.
Please always mention when ordering:

  • Your invoicing address with VAT number, phone number, contact person and mobile phone number
  • The requested delivery date
  • A clear delivery address (correct street name and town), with a description of the exact location where the unit should be installed.
  • All extra details regarding the delivery are welcome.

On the basis of these data, we will deliver the most suited unit without any costly time being lost. 

What you should know when ordering?

  • When renting for the first time, we ask to pay maximum three months of rent in advance.
  • The customer is responsible for insuring the unit against fire and theft.
  • Please inform us without delay about any damage or defect. Our service department will see to their repair. Repair costs carried out by third parties cannot be deducted from the rent.
  • Check whether the place of delivery can be reached and driven on: our trucks are at least 24m long and 6m wide. 
  • Which distance will the crane have to bridge? Are there any obstructions in the air or on the ground? The crane lifting the units has a reach of maximum 20m.
  • Is the ground sufficiently flat and stable to install the unit? A stable surface (no grass) is required. ​

Termination of the rental​

You can only cancel a container in writing by fax (09/369 42 34) or e-mail. After having received your cancellation, we will terminate the requested rental period and re-collect the unit as soon as possible.

If the container should have been removed by a specific hour, please let us know this one week in advance so as to enable us to meet your request.

When cancelling a container, you should always mention the following information:​

  • Your company name and contact person
  • Number of containers
  • End of period of use

When cancelling, you are responsible for disconnecting electricity and water.
Sanitary units must be cleaned. Extra cleaning costs will be charged.​